Nutty Nuts - Wooden Travel Game - Ages 4 - 10
Nutty Nuts - Wooden Travel Game - Ages 4 - 10

Nutty Nuts - Wooden Travel Game - Ages 4 - 10

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"Do you hop or do you stop?!"

Hop from tree to tree to collect as many nuts as you can. But, watch out! You have to make the right decision or you might lose your stash. Be the first to collect the right number of nuts and you win!
Nutty Nuts is a great decision making game!
—description from the publisher

To play the game, the eight wooden trees are placed in a circle and each player places their player piece, a wooden squirrel (complete with felt tail) on an empty tree. A bank of three nuts is created outside of the circle. One die is rolled to select the first player. Then, on their turn, a player rolls the die and the number shown is the number of hops that the squirrel (the player) makes from tree to tree. If the player lands on a tree with nuts printed on it then they take the nuts and "stash" them by collecting a wooden token matching the same amount of nuts on three from the bank.
If the player decides to hop, they roll the die and move the squirrel again. If they land on an empty tree they must return all nut tokens from their stash back bank to the bank.
On the other hand, if the player chooses to stop and not hop then they collect all Nutty Nuts (the wooden nut tokens) from their stash and the nuts are theirs until the end of the game; play then continues to the next player.
The first player to collect the correct number of nuts, determined by the player count, wins the game!