School Support

We love to share our knowledge and support our fellow educators!
Bright Child's specialization is gifted education, differentiation, creativity, social & emotional support, as well as supporting students, parents, and teachers. Some topics we can help you with are:
  • Gifted identification
  • Emotional needs and social supports for all children
  • Establishing and evaluating programs and services
  • Classroom support to engage students 
  • Teacher modeling
  • Classroom walkthroughs and coaching
  • Supporting children coping with trauma
  • Supporting struggling writers
  • School leadership
Whether you need a full day in-service, small group consultations/trainings, long term support, courses to support your teachers, or just a phone conference, we can set up a plan to support your needs. Just let us know how we can help!
We can also supply books and materials, from multiple publishers, and books at volume discounts.
We also have online enrichment courses meant to supplement the school day. We have a team of Gifted, Certified educators who can collaborate with schools or parents to build courses needed to support their gifted and/or curious learners. Please email us with your needs, and we can build out courses to support your students.
We coordinate school events, and more.

Adam C Laningham

Adam C. Laningham

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Adam does most of our training and support, but we do have a network of former school principals, counselors, master teachers, and experts in the field of trauma, special education, arts education, brain functioning, leadership, and more.


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