101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math
101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math
101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math

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Do you excel in math? Struggle with it? If the answer is Yes, this book is for you! These math questions show you that math is everywhere―and knowing how to tackle it is useful… and fun. With entertaining connections to popular culture, sports, hobbies, science and careers, the challenges are intriguing and insightful (plus you don't need a calculator or paper to solve them). Open this book and discover the fascinating world of math!Math is a critical part of our everyday lives; we use it dozens of times daily. and wish we understood it better. The second title in the 101 Things Everyone Should Know series, this book makes understanding math easy and fun! Using an appealing question and answer format, this book is perfect for kids, grown-ups and anyone interested in the difference between an Olympic event score of 9.0 and Richter scale score of 9.0.

  • by Marc Zev (Author),‎ Kevin Segal (Author),‎ Nathan Levy (Author)
  • Age Range: 10 - 14 years
  • Grade Level: 5 - 9
  • Paperback: 128 pages

Editorial Reviews

One of the hardest things to teach middle school kids is how math concepts relate to real life. Many students are convinced that they will never need to use formulas and theorems in day-to-day activities. 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math gives sound and practical examples of how knowing math really does help you solve real world problems. Whether you excel in math or struggle with it, there’s something in this book for you! (James Singaglise, Principal, Holy Family School, Florham Park, NJ)

These books are some of the most engaging nonfiction books I have ever read! They correlate so well with our science curriculum and the Common Core State Standards. The reason we love them is because they have real-world applications. With Mississippi adopting the new Common Core State Standards, using nonfiction texts is very important. Science, Naturally!’s books are an excellent asset to our teachers' resource libraries! (Sonya Smith, Science Coordinator, ATOMS2XP (Advancing Teachers of Middle School Science) and IMPACT2 (In-depth Mathematical Practices and Content Teacher Training), Miss. State, MS)

Being comfortable with math makes everyone smarter consumers and more rational decision makers. Most people don’t realize how much math is used in making everyday choices. 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math, which is complete with real-life scenarios, shows kids that math is everywhere. This is a wonderful book for making complex topics approachable and helping readers discover the fascinating world of math! (Rachel Connelly, Ph.D., Bion R. Cram Professor of Economics, Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME)

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math truly illustrates the scope and importance of learning and understanding mathematics. It is a fabulous resource for kids, parents and teachers looking for a way to link mathematics to everyday life. With entertaining connections to popular culture, sports, hobbies, science and careers, kids of all ages will find this book engaging…and challenging! (Carole Basile, Ed.D., University of Colorado, Denver, and Co-Director, Rocky Mountain Middle School Math and Science Partnership)

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math is great for practice and exploration. The puzzles and activities are entertaining and smartly connected to real life. Whether you are an expert or a novice, you’ll find the challenges to be intriguing and insightful! (Maria Diamantis, Ed. D., Professor of Mathematics Education, Southern Connecticut State University)

101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math is an extraordinary resource—imaginative and practical, insightful and humorous. Students will not only have fun solving the problems, but they will also find it an invaluable aid with homework. As a former high school math teacher, I love that this book carries mathematics out of the world of the elite and translates it into a language we can all understand. (Alvin Mayes, BA Mathematics, Department of Dance (and Math tutor), University of Maryland)

A wonderful collection of facts and trivia that can inspire children of all ages to think about and use math in their lives. The breadth of coverage and easy-to-understand explanations inside this little book can make math a subject of interest and relevance for all. (Patrick Farenga, Co-Author of Teach Your Own: The John Holt Book of Homeschooling)

This book is a wonderful secondary resource for all teachers of mathematics. Students need the real-world math skills that the activities in this book reinforce. The challenges are enjoyable, yet they require higher level thinking—children barely realize they are actively learning! 101 Things Everyone Should Know About Math is an invaluable tool for students, teachers and parents! (Dr. Cheryl Moretz, Principal, Brayton Elementary School, Summit, NJ)