Planning and event, and looking for some support? Bright Child can help. We have decades of experience hosting successful events for teachers, parents, children, and organizations. Whether you need a simple event night or a full conference, we can set up a plan to support your needs. Just let us know how we can help!

Conference Planning & Facilitation 

We can plan and coordinate your conference!

  • Work with a venue
  • Provide speakers and breakout sessions
  • Provide vendors
  • Coordinate food
  • Help advertise and more!


Conference Bookstores

Bright Child AZ will run your book store for you. This can be in person or virtually. You provide information on the books you would like to be provided, these can be from any genre, authored by your presenters, etc. We work with you and your presenters to make sure you have the materials your conference participants are interested in. We will work out an individual plan that suits you and split the profits while providing quality materials for your attendees.

Enriching Saturdays

Bright Child AZ has years of experience organizing student courses, camps, and events. Our Enriching Saturdays are one day events to provide engaging enrichment activities for gifted and creative children.

We provide quality teachers, the classes, and even activities or classes for parents. We work with local communities to find a venue, coordinate topics, and promote the event.

Parent Nights or Events

We can

  • Help you organize your event
  • Plan your event for you
  • Provide you with high quality speakers
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