Advocacy & Mediation

Gifted children are unique. When compared to their age level peers, gifted children learn in different ways, develop at different rates, and many at times can be very sensitive or even emotional.
Unfortunately, the educational system is not always open to, or even aware of, the needs our gifted children have. Because of this, many gifted children struggle in school. Whether your child is lost in the shuffle, has teachers that don’t understand them, or there is a lack of programming or services at the school to meet his or her needs, we can help.

Our goal in advocacy is to educate and support. 

Ideally we would support you in partnering with your child’s school to improve the education your child is receiving. We can help you:
  • Better explain the needs your child has
  • Effectively advocate for your child

We can help the school:

  • Better understand what the state requires for gifted education
  • Implement some best practices on gifted education
  • Provide a better education for all learners at the school If that is not possible or the school is not receptive, we will help you find a better environment for your child.
Our support process is flexible, but typically consists of:
1. Free Initial Phone Conversation - You can provide us with an overview of your situation, and we can provide some general information as well as some ideas of how we can help you.
2. Support Plan - You can provide us more information and details, and we will do our research. We will then provide you with a plan that has tools and options to support you in obtaining what you need for your child. 
3. Short Consultations - From time to time you may need to talk through situations as they occur. After we have set up a support plan, we can talk over the phone or through video conference as you need us.
4. Full Consultation Meeting - Sometimes you just need to take some time, sit down, and talk through your situation and get advice. We can do this over the phone, through video conference, or if you are in the Phoenix area, in-person.
5. Meeting Attendance - It can be invaluable to have a knowledgeable advocate from the education field by your side through what can be a frustrating and time consuming process of gaining support for your child. We understand the inner workings of a school and a school district. We can highlight your child’s rights, provide gifted educational knowledge and opportunities for support, increase school accountability, and answer questions along the way. You will have an expert advocate by your side, supporting you in any school meeting.  


Adam Laningham, M.Ed. is a certified teacher and former Gifted Department Manager. He has spent over 20 years working with and supporting gifted learners of all ages in the public school system. Adam and his team know what can and should be done to support our children at school.

 All children have a right to go to school each day and learn as well as feel valued and supported. Having your child not have their needs met, while trying to navigate the school system, can be daunting and stressful. If you are in this situation, we can support you. 

You can start the process or ask questions by emailing us at

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