Stories With Holes #21
Stories With Holes #21

Stories With Holes #21

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Grades 3+

The famous logic stories that make kids and adults think are back! The newest volume to the famous set of questioning books is here! Volume 21 contains new stories for children ages 7-77. They are great for stimulating pupil critical and creative thinking skills!

"You read a story to a group; to find the answer people can only ask questions that can be answered by yes or no..."

Each book contains 20 stories, and the solution is included. 

We have all original volumes (#1-20) for $10 each (plus s&h) available and have a full set of volumes 1-20 at a discounted rate listed in our catalog.

Printed in the USA!


About the Author

Nathan Levy is an author, consultant and, president of Nathan Levy Books LLC. Nathan is the author of more than 40 books sold in the USA and all over the world. His unique Stories With Holes series continues to be proclaimed the most popular activity used in gifted, special education and regular classrooms. An extremely popular, dynamic speaker on thinking, writing and differentiation, Nathan is in high demand as a workshop leader in schools and business settings.. He has worked as a school principal, district supervisor, gifted coordinator.