If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree
If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree
If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree

If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree

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An illustrated introduction to art history for children by art teachers

by ​Eric Gibbons

This book was conceived of, written by, illustrated by, and created by 30 art teachers from all over the world who share a passion for art history and teaching. Author Eric Gibbons began this project several years ago, but it seemed too daunting to complete alone. With the help of social media, he decided to collaborate with other art teachers by connecting through Facebook. This book is the result of that collaboration.

Each teacher has emulated an artist of his/her choosing, and included a Christmas tree in a way that honors the work of that artist. Some took on more than one artist to bring you a total of 44 works of art. From the Renaissance to modern genres that may look little like a tree, these art teachers, elementary to high school, created these delightful illustrations to share. 

Age Range:​ 7+ years
Paperback:​ 100 pages
Publisher:​ Firehouse Publications
Product Dimensions: ​8.5 x 0.8 x 8.5 inches

About the author:

Eric Gibbons​ is the founder and director of Firehouse Gallery, an AENJ award-winning art educator, an artist, an inventor, and an origami master. His work has been featured in international exhibitions of art in places such as Osaka, Japan and Alexandria, Egypt. He is the author of ​If Picasso Had a Christmas Tree​. He lives in Bordentown, New Jersey.