I Used to Be Gifted
I Used to Be Gifted

I Used to Be Gifted

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Understanding and Nurturing Gifted Learners at Home and in the Classroom

Yes, you were gifted. You still are. There is no used to be in any definition. Giftedness does not run out; it doesn’t have a border; giftedness is a way of being. All of your life you have been thinking things other people did not typically think about, making connections others did not easily make, feeling the world more intensely than others. To you, it just seemed normal . . . because the only head you could see inside of was your own.

Sometimes we forget to remember the wonderful qualities and delightful intensities our gifted children offer. As parents and therapists and educators, we are deeply concerned about the well-being of our gifted children. Perhaps that’s why we tend to think of the social-emotional aspects of giftedness as issues to be addressed, problems to overcome, or roadblocks to thriving. But let’s not forget to stop for a moment in all our worrying and concern and reflect on the delight our gifted children bring to our lives. In moments of frustration, we might forget the essential asynchronicity of giftedness is also a source of beauty. Crying because she witnessed a tree being chopped down. Asking for a baby velociraptor for Christmas. Donating their young life’s savings to the Red Cross. Building a catapult from 2 x 4s and garage door springs that would throw a basketball across the parking lot. Skipping recess to work on a marble maze that would be hidden inside a three-dimensional model of a pyramid. Giftedness can be a beautiful mess.

In this book, we explore giftedness together as parents and teachers and ultimately as gifted individuals ourselves. Through anecdotes from teaching, research from experts in the field, practical guides, lesson plans and units, and observations from over three decades in education, we help each other understand gifted children with stories that are sometimes lighthearted, sometimes tugging on heartstrings, but always relatable and true.

Pull up a chair. Have a cookie? A glass of wine or a latte? Let’s chat about giftedness—just us. Settle in. Make yourself at home. We’re safe here together.

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