Riley the Brave
Riley the Brave
Riley the Brave
Riley the Brave

Riley the Brave

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by Jessica Sinarski

Let Your Little One Unlock Their Inner Courage

Riley the Brave is a children's story of a little bear with big feelings. You and your children can join this super-cool cape wearing cub as he embarks on a journey to face his fears and is joined by all of his animal friends who care for him. Throughout Riley's adventures in this educational book, "Big Critters" and their "Cubs" learn how to understand and overcome feelings such as shame, fear, and sadness along with Riley.

Helping Children and Adults Explore Complex Feelings

Riley the Brave is more than just an emotionally engaging children's picture book. Jessica Sinarski has written this children's short story using an advanced understanding of brain chemistry and science in order to help those healing from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). This makes our educational picture book not just for "Cubs" growing up and experiencing these feelings for the first time, but also "Big Critters" such as parents, family members, teachers, therapists, and other adults in the "Cubs'" lives.

An Inspiring Tale for Any Setting

You can read it at home to your children as a colorful and engaging bedtime story that even toddlers can connect with to help open up conversations about these complex thoughts and feelings. It's a great children's story and learning tool to read to a classroom full of children, providing them a comfortable way to learn and discuss about emotional learning, traumatic events, different family types, and race in safe and non-threatening environment.

Riley the Brave can even make an engaging children's picture book to read to children in therapy settings to help them more naturally reach breakthrough moments in treatment. Pediatrician offices, foster care, and adoption agencies are finding Riley the Brave to be an important learning tool for children and adults, which is why they've started to add it to their resource libraries.

Product details

  • Hardcover: 40 pages
  • Publisher: Cameck Publishing (2018)
  • ISBN-10: 0999234005
  • ISBN-13: 978-0999234006

About the Author

Jessica Sinarski is a therapist, supervisor, consultant and educator. She is a thought-leader in connecting neuroscience with practice, especially in adult-child relationships. Her areas of expertise include early trauma and adoption, with an emphasis on brain development and the mind/body connection. She has been consulting with schools, agencies and parent groups since 2005 and was recently invited to speak at the largest adoption conference in North America. Jess lives in Delaware with her husband and 3 busy boys.