Intriguing Questions - Vol 1 - Print Version
Intriguing Questions - Vol 1 - Print Version
Intriguing Questions - Vol 1 - Print Version
Intriguing Questions - Vol 1 - Print Version
Intriguing Questions - Vol 1 - Print Version

Intriguing Questions - Vol 1 - Print Version

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Learning through questioning is an age-old way of learning. This book contains hundreds of questions to encourage creativity and getting to know your children better.


You can use these intriguing questions when working with children through:

  • Discussions
  • Critical thinking 
  • Writing prompts
  • Team building
  • Social-emotional support 
  • Building a sense of community in your classroom
  • Just getting to know your students or child better

We hope this book will not only increase your child’s thinking skills but also promote fun in the learning process.  


About the Authors

Dr. Stephanie Sanschagrin - Author, Consultant, & Gifted Educator

Dr. Stephanie Sanschagrin is an advocate for gifted learners. As the Southwest Regional Liaison for the SENG organization, she oversees Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah, focusing on the Social-Emotional Needs of the Gifted. Throughout her career, she has worked with a wide range of students from Kindergarten to college, while training educational professionals in new technologies and the gifted mindset. Dr. Sanschagrin has presented on in-person and online platforms regarding differentiation through an online platform, action research on extending gifted minds through STEM, and how to incorporate resources from her most current book she co-authored on ThinkOLOGY 2.0.  She is currently the Gifted Online Specialist for one of the largest school districts in Arizona. Where she has created and oversees a diverse gifted program that provides an individualized enrichment approach.

Adam Chase Laningham, M.Ed - Author, Consultant, & Founder & CEO 

of Bright Child Books, LLC

Adam Laningham has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. He is the Manager of Gifted & Advanced Academics for a large, diverse school district in the Phoenix area providing a wide range of services to over 5,000 gifted identified students. Adam was recognized as the 2014 Arizona Gifted Teacher of the Year, he has taught at several schools, multiple grade levels and run numerous gifted programs. Adam has served on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Association for Gifted & Talented for many years and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for SENG, he is the Arizona State SENG Liaison, an international speaker, consultant, and published author.


Nathan Levy - Author, Consultant, & President of Nathan Levy Books, LLC

Nathan Levy is the author of more than 70 books which have sold almost 500,000 copies to teachers and parents around the world. His unique Stories with Holes series continues to be proclaimed the most popular activity used in gifted, special education, and regular classrooms by hundreds of educators. An extremely popular, dynamic speaker on thinking, writing, and differentiation, Nathan is in high demand as a workshop leader in school, parent, and business settings. He has worked as a school principal, district supervisor, gifted coordinator, is a company president, parent of four daughters, and management trainer. Nathan’s ability to transfer knowledge and strategies to audiences through humorous, thought-provoking stories assures that participants leave with a plethora of new ways to approach their future endeavors.