Trauma-sensitive Instruction: Creating a Safe and Predictable Classroom Environment

Trauma-sensitive Instruction: Creating a Safe and Predictable Classroom Environment

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The impact of trauma on learning can be significant and long lasting. Learn how you can confidently and meaningfully support your trauma-impacted students and foster trauma-informed schools with this accessible resource. The authors draw from their personal and professional experiences with trauma, mental health, and school culture to provide real insight into what you can do now to help learners build resilience, cope with adverse situations, and achieve at high levels.

Implement trauma-informed teaching practices and cultivate a classroom environment that encourages positive learning experiences:

  • Understand childhood trauma and the impact traumatic experiences have on learners.
  • Develop a trauma-informed attitude and mindset.
  • Examine classroom structures that support trauma-sensitive practices while recognizing those that may contribute to trauma.
  • Gain effective classroom management strategies and techniques to support all students, including those experiencing trauma.
  • Learn how to develop trusting and positive relationships with trauma-impacted students and their families.


About the Authors
Chapter 1: The Impact of Trauma on Educators and Students
Chapter 2: The Importance of Attitude and Mindset in Working With Trauma
Chapter 3: Classroom Structures to Support Trauma-Sensitive Practices
Chapter 4: Positive Relationships With Students
Chapter 5: Trauma-Sensitive Classroom Management Strategies and Techniques
Chapter 6: Parent and Family Engagement
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"In a practical yet powerful way, John Eller and Tom Hierck provide a clear understanding of the impact of trauma and the strategies we can use in our schools and classrooms to change a student's trajectory in life. From their use of school-based scenarios to the reflection questions at the end of each chapter, the authors present the best practices educators need to ensure that not only students from traumatic backgrounds but allstudents are able to become their best selves."

--Shan Jorgenson-Adam, assistant superintendent of learning, Battle River School Division, Alberta, Canada

"As the prevalence of childhood trauma and mental health challenges continue to grow in our classrooms, Trauma-Sensitive Instruction is a must-have resource for all educators. Childhood trauma that goes unresolved will undoubtedly impact a student's ability to focus and learn. The tools, techniques, and strategies in this book will help educators create the emotional safety and conditions necessary for students to thrive in every classroom."

--John Hannigan and Jessica Djabrayan Hannigan, behavior experts, educational consultants, and authors

"Trauma-Sensitive Instruction is a must read for every staff member in schools. This reader-friendly guide offers real-life examples and simple strategies that will enhance your practice as a teacher and have a positive impact on all students. The authors' knowledge of the impact of trauma and their experiences in education reinforce that when we focus on the needs of individuals, every student can achieve learning at high levels. The quote that resonates with me daily is, 'The students who challenge us the most, need us the most.'"

--James Somerville, head of department, Woodcrest State College, Australia

"In Trauma-Sensitive Instruction, authors John Eller and Tom Hierck provide educators with a resource that addresses many important, complex issues educators handle in the classroom on a daily basis. Acknowledging the time constraints all teachers face, this resource will help them make their classrooms more welcoming not only for students that have encountered trauma but for allstudents. This is a must read for any educator who is committed to making his or her classroom a safe place where all students can learn."

--Dr. Derrick Cameron, educator and author

"In Trauma-Sensitive Instruction, John Eller and Tom Hierck equip teachers with the knowledge and skills to understand trauma in children and the impacts it has on their learning. By providing real-life examples from their own experiences and the knowledge acquired in their years as leaders and educators, they provide detailed strategies for how to support trauma-impacted students that can be implemented immediately. This will be my go-to resource when facing student behavior challenges to help build positive relationships."

--Cheryl Collet, vice-principal, Halton District School Board, Canada


About the Author


John F. Eller, PhD, is a former principal, director of a principal's training center, and assistant superintendent for curriculum, learning, and staff development.

John is also a much sought-after advisor to schools and school districts both nationally and internationally. He specializes in trauma-informed teaching and leadership, school turnaround, dealing with difficult people, building professional learning communities, conducting employee evaluations, building conferencing and coaching skills, developing strategic-planning strategies, building supervisory skills, and implementing effective teaching strategies. John also serves as an advisor for U.S. federal government agencies on the topics of team building, conflict coaching, peer coaching, conflict resolution, employee evaluations, and performance reviews, leadership, and a variety of other pertinent topics supporting U.S. federal employees and leaders.

John has written numerous articles and books, including a two-year series supporting new principals for the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) publication Principal and Effective Group Facilitation in Education, Working With and Evaluating Difficult School Employees, So Now You're the Superintendent!, Energizing Staff Meetings, Creative Strategies to Transform School Culture, Thriving as a New Teacher, Score to Soar, Achieving Great Impact, Working With Difficult and Resistant Staff,and Flip This School.

John earned a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from Loyola University Chicago and a master's degree in educational leadership from the University of Nebraska Omaha.

Tom Hierck has been an educator since 1983 in a career that has spanned all grade levels and many roles in public education. His experiences as a teacher, administrator, district leader, department of education project leader, and executive director provide a unique context for his education philosophy.

Tom is a compelling presenter, infusing his message of hope with strategies culled from the real world. He understands that educators face unprecedented challenges and knows which strategies will best serve learning communities. Tom has presented to schools and districts across North America with a message of celebration for educators seeking to make a difference in the lives of students. His dynamic presentations explore the importance of positive learning environments and the role of assessment to improve student learning. Tom's belief that "every student is a success story waiting to be told" has led him to work with teachers and administrators to create positive school cultures and build effective relationships that facilitate learning for all students

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