Happiness the Mindful Way

Happiness the Mindful Way

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Happiness: The Mindful Way is a practical step-by-step guide to help focus the mind, improve performance, and be happy.

This easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide is filled with infographics and questionnaires, making the road to happiness an enjoyable, personal journey. Discover how breathing techniques, body scanning, and simple meditation can help you be in the present moment, lessen anxiety, and distance yourself from damaging emotions. The range of methods presented makes it easy to tailor a program to fit your needs.

From coping with anxiety to breaking bad habits to making a speech in front of a crowd, Happiness: The Mindful Way offers foolproof methods and expert advice for gaining resilience, confidence, and communication skills, and becoming more successful in the pursuit of your goals.


About the Author

Dr. Ken A. Verni, Psy.D., is a clinical psychologist known for his work with patients of all ages, and for his extensive work as a couples counselor. He brings a compassionate attention to detail that help patients achieve their personal goals. You can learn more about Verni and his practice at drkenvarni.com.