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Bright Child Book's specialization is gifted education, differentiation, social & emotional support, and supporting students, parents, and teachers. Some topics we can help you with are:

  • Gifted identification
  • Emotional needs and social supports for all children
  • Establishing and evaluating programs and services
  • Classroom support
  • Student engagement 
  • Supporting those coping with trauma
  • School Leadership


Whether you need a parent night/event, a full day in-service, small group consultations, long term support, or just a phone conference, we can set up a plan to support your needs. Just let us know how we can help!

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 Our Team:

 Adam C Laningham

Adam C. Laningham

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Adam, our founder, has over 20 years of experience in the field of education. Having been recognized as the Arizona Gifted Teacher of the Year in 2014, Adam has taught at several schools and multiple grade levels, run numerous gifted programs, is former executive board member for the Arizona Association for Gifted & Talented, and is currently a board member for SENG as well as the organization's liaison for the state of Arizona. He is also an international speaker and the Gifted Manager for a large school district in the Phoenix area that provides a wide range of services and programs to over 5,000 gifted identified students in grades preschool through 12. 


Mr. Levy

Nathan Levy

Nathan Levy is the author of more than 40 books which have sold almost 250,000 copies to teachers and parents in the United States, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. His unique Stories with Holes series continues to be proclaimed the most popular activity used in gifted, special education and regular classrooms by hundreds of educators. An extremely popular, dynamic speaker on thinking, writing and differentiation, Nathan is in high demand as a workshop leader in school and business settings.   He has worked as a school principal, district supervisor, gifted coordinator, is a company president, parent of four daughters and management trainer. Nathan’s ability to transfer knowledge and strategies to audiences through humorous, thought provoking stories assures that participants leave with a plethora of new ways to approach their future endeavors. 


Dr. Sadin

Dr. Melisa Sadin

Melissa has served as a special education teacher and a building administrator. She is currently working as a director of special education. Publicly, Dr. Sadin has been vice-president of her local School Board, is on the Board of Directors of the Attachment & Trauma Network and serves as the director of the Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools Program. She is a published author who produces numerous webinars on children with attachment trauma in schools. Currently, Dr. Sadin works as an education consultant and developmental trauma expert providing professional development to school districts, municipal service providers and parents. As an adoptive mother, Dr. Sadin has provided first hand expertise in her work with adoptive parents at conferences and in other formal and informal settings.


Cally Flox

Cally Flox

Cally Flox is a Founding Director of the BYU ARTS Partnership which is housed in the Center for Improvement of Teacher Education and Schooling (CITES) in the McKay School of Education at Brigham Young University. As a licensed teacher, Cally has taught dance, math, and P.E. in public schools. Cally is certified in Educational Kinesiology with additional training in Developmental Kinesiology and Sensory Integration. Her teaching reflects deep understanding of human development and neurophysiology with brain compatible, multi-sensory teaching strategies.


Ms. Wilson

Val Wilson

Val holds a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, along with several certifications and endorsements in gifted learners, elementary education, adult education, reading, ELA, ESL, and math.  Val has been teaching for over 26 years, and currently works as a gifted specialist and coach for a Title I School, and is the lead Title I Gifted Specialist for Deer Valley School District.  She has also taught instructional techniques for various learners at the college and professional development level over the past seven years, both on-line and in person. 


Dr. Sanschagrin

Dr. Stephanie Sanschagrin

Stephanie Sanschagrin is a Gifted Enrichment Specialist in Phoenix, Arizona were she has worked with students from many different age groups from Kindergarten to college all while training educational professionals in new technologies and gifted mindset. Stephanie Sanschagrin earned her doctorate in Educational Leadership from The University of New England with a focus on K-12 leadership succession planning. Furthermore, Dr. Sanschagrin has presented at many Symposiums the most recent being the Arizona Association for the Gifted and Talented Symposium where she presented action research on extending gifted minds through STEM. This online teaching guru is a master at engaging her students and supporting her colleagues & administrators.




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